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Congratulations Upton! Record Breaking SATs Results!

As Summer 2014 reports go home to parents this week; I am pleased to announce our outstanding SATs results. For the fourth year running our results have increased, with 'record breaking' scores in Maths, Reading and Writing. We provide these figures so that parents can make comparisons. Our curriculum encompasses the whole child and shows that we can achieve outstanding results without having to compromise on our vision.

At  Year 6, the national expectation is that children will be working at level 4 for Maths and English. We have achieved an amazing 100% level 4+ in Maths; with 72% Level 5+.

In Reading 99% of our pupils achieved level 4+ and 74% level 5+.

In Writing 98% Level 4+ and 47% level 5+

In SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) 93% achieved level 4+ with 74% level 5+.

Whilst we highly value academic achievements, we focus on preparing children for life - instilling qualities of teamwork, trust, honesty, resilience, tenacity, problem solving, etc. None of these qualities can be taught - they are nurtured over time by staff who really understand child development and work closely with families to produce well rounded individuals. Children are encouraged to explore the arts and enjoy sporting/music opportunities. Our children deserve more than a standardised level of achievement when they leave our care!

Our SATs results exceed national expectations and are testament to the hard work of all of our pupils and staff – not just this year but throughout a child's time at Upton.

Congratulations to ALL of our children on your achievements this year - whether these are academic, sporting or otherwise. We look forward to welcoming you all back in September along with the many new families joining us to share our ethos: One Childhood Once Chance!

We are proud to celebrate our children's success, both in school and within the community.

Celebration Assemblies are held every Friday.  Make sure you have let the school know about your child's achievements so we can also congratulate them.

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