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Upton Junior School

Upton Junior School

One Childhood - One Chance

Daily Art Challenge.

Creativebug has some free online courses. Courtney Cerruti is going to guide us all through 31 days of line drawing. You don't need the "fancy brush markers" like she has... use what you have at home or at school. You might want to use pencil colours, paint and felt pens. 

Once you have watched a daily video, draw some simple line drawings and then share them with us using FLIP GRID. You can record yourself for 15 secs, showing everyone your artwork *(see below). YOUR USERNAME IS THE SAME AS YOUR SPELLING SHED USERNAME  - these are on the Parents MCAS / documents. 

(Use your SpellingShed Username - **They all start with a  Captial U **) 

Year 3 - Click here -  

Year 4 - Click here-

Year 5 - Click here -

Year 6- Click here-

Using the APP for FLIPGRID? - SCAN these codes

YEAR 3 -






Week three -  25th January. Day 15 to Day 20

1) Click on this link. 

2) Underneath her video, choose chapters. Click the videos 1 to 5 

* - Your video will be moderated before it shared via FLIP GRID. Make sure your "Grown Up" is happy with you sharing your artwork.   

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