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Upton Junior School

Upton Junior School

One Childhood - One Chance

Monthly Brainteasers

Can you think outside the Box?
Can you solve Riddles?

If you think YOU have the answers to the questions below come and let Mr Walker know!

Winter Warmers

  1. Spelled forwards I’m what you do everyday, spelled backwards I’m something you hate. What am I?

  2. What has 13 hearts but no organs?

  3. What has many keys, but can't even open a single door?

  4. Re-arrange the letters,O O U S W T D N E J R to spell just one word.

  5. You are in the cross-country at the weekend. You have just overtaken the child who was in second place. What place are you now?

  6. You have three stoves: a gas stove, a wood stove, and a coal stove, but only one match. Which should you light first?

  7. How many seconds are there in one year?

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