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Upton Junior School

Upton Junior School

One Childhood - One Chance

Recovery Curriculum 2021

Returning to School 

With two significant lockdown periods across the last calendar year, it is essential that  academic, social and wellbeing aspects are carefully considered as school continues during the pandemic.

After the first national lockdown, a carefully constructed curriculum at Upton preceded the return of our pupils. Learning in English and Maths was immediately reintegrated to ensure children didn't fall further behind and key objectives from the previous year were covered to reduce 'lost learning'. In addition,  a programme of PSHE linked activities - designed to help children reintegrate socially and emotionally - combined with additional daily PE  took place each afternoon. All staff also received training to help prepare for curriculum adaptation and expected behaviours.

Across Term 2, other subjects were increasingly reintroduced, with learning focused on key skills from the National Curriculum that may have been missed.

During Term 3, our comprehensive online learning offer allowed children to access a full day of learning every day during lockdown - with live lessons - from their homes. This greatly diminished the possibility of further loss of learning for the majority of children as the National Curriculum was able to continue.

When considering the return to school in Term 4,  the school again prioritised the mental wellbeing of pupils and the recovery of skills and learning they may not have been able to access online. The term start with a Personal Development Day, focusing on positives for children regarding returning to school. Responding to  national research regarding lost learning from the first lockdown period, mathematics catch-up has been prioritised through timetable changes to allow additional time for targeted groups for all pupils. Within afternoon learning, the school prioritised hands-on subjects such as DT, Art and Science to ensure that opportunities that may have not been available at home during lockdown due to lack of equipment and expertise are in place. These opportunities also promote group work, learning through doing,  and remind children that school is a fun place to be with friends. 

Term 5 sees further return to normality. The curriculum resumes in its entirety, and, while lost learning continues to be added to curriculum plans, Upton is almost back to normal. Please click below for Year Group Curriculum for Term 5


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