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Congratulations Upton! SATS results well above national expectations!!

Well done Upton... I am exceptionally pleased to announce superb SATS results that are well above both National and Kent averages. The changes to the National Curriculum over recent years mean that all school are having to adapt to a different format but we are clearly doing this very well indeed!

We provide these figures so that parents can make comparisons. Our curriculum encompasses the whole child and shows that we can achieve outstanding results without having to compromise on our vision.

Our overall results show that we are a huge 15% above national averages - an excellent level of achievement. We also have a huge proportion of pupils reaching the 'most able' standard nationally, a fact i'm sure that also contributes to our very high Kent Test pass rate.

Whilst we highly value academic achievements, we focus on preparing children for life - instilling qualities of teamwork, trust, honesty, resilience, tenacity, problem solving, etc. None of these qualities can be taught - they are nurtured over time by staff who really understand child development and work closely with families to produce well rounded individuals. Children are encouraged to explore the arts and enjoy sporting/music opportunities. Our children deserve more than a standardised level of achievement when they leave our care!

Our SATs results exceed national expectations and are testament to the hard work of all of our pupils and staff – not just this year but throughout a child's time at Upton.

Congratulations to ALL of our children on your achievements this year - whether these are academic, sporting or otherwise. We look forward to welcoming you all back in September along with the many new families joining us to share our ethos: One Childhood Once Chance!

Please click here to see our most recent SATS results

 " Upton have 'Core Values' they instil in their children like loyalty, responsibility and trustworthiness.  The teachers and the faculty at Upton always encourage pupils to make the most of their abilities.  I salute the headteacher and staff who set the pupils up for success, not only in school but also in life!"  Parent of Year 3 pupil

 We have an extremely talented group of children at Upton.  Many of our pupils are able to develop their talents through the wide variety of clubs we have on offer in school. Lots of our children are fortunate to participate in a range of clubs and activities outside of school.  We want to be able to share your child’s talents and successes – whatever they may be! In order for us to celebrate success we need to know about it!  Don’t be shy – be proud and let us know.  We have a ‘Celebration Assembly’ every Friday and encourage children to bring in their certificates, trophies and medals and receive congratulations from the whole school community.    We also have a ‘Special Achievement’ display board and welcome photographs and newspaper articles celebrating the many talents and successes of the children of Upton! We also have a ‘Special Achievements’ section in our fortnightly newsletter and we feature our pupils triumphs within this section.

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