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Upton Junior School

Upton Junior School

One Childhood - One Chance


Do you have a spare afternoon where you find yourself at a loose end? Do you sometimes ask yourself ‘how could I really make a difference?’

Here’s how you can....

Reading is a vital part of learning and by just listening to a child read can really boost their confidence. Learning to read takes time and lots of practice and that’s where you come in. As parents / grandparents you are your child’s most influential teacher with an important part of play in helping your child learn to read.

If you can spare just one or two hours a week to help our children grow in confidence by becoming able-readers we would most appreciate it.

If you are interested in helping us help our children please complete and return the reply slip below. The office will contact you to arrange a meeting with Miss Arthur (Head of School)  to discuss your volunteering role.

Spare an hour: Make a difference!

Parents are a great support as additional adults on our various school trips.  Click here to read our 'Parent Helper Guidance on Trips'

Click here to read our SAFEGUARDING Essential Information for visitors

Have a look at the attached documents below including our volunteering policy and volunteering form!

GUIDANCE FOR HELPERS ON TRIPS (Information shared with volunteers)

Thank you very much for volunteering to help on this trip. We rely heavily on family members to be able to take children out and about and really appreciate the time you have given up to support us in this way. Like you, we feel educational visits are a very important part of school life.

Please could you be mindful of the following guidance on trips:

  • Please make sure you have read and understood a copy of the risk assessment.

  • To protect yourself and us legally you must not at any time take photographs of any of the children while on a school trip.

  • In order to ensure your focus and attention is with the children in your group, phone calls/text should not be made/taken unless they are an immediate emergency. If you do need to do so, please make a member of staff aware so that they can supervise the children you have been allocated.

  • All parent helper groups should stay close to a member of staff so that they can ask for support if needed, eg with first aid.

  • Staff members will ensure that the day/events are timetabled so that you are not in a situation whereby you are left alone with a child, for safeguarding reasons. If such a situation arises, eg a child asks to be escorted to the toilet, please seek guidance from a member of staff.

  • Close physical contact such as hugging or sitting a child (other than your own of course!) on your lap should not be made.

  • If a child tells you something that concerns you in anyway, please tell a member of staff rather than trying to deal with the disclosure.

  • If you have any concerns or questions on the trip regarding your role or what to do, please do not hesitate to ask.

Once again, we really do appreciate you coming with us. We couldn’t do it without you!

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