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Upton Junior School

Upton Junior School

One Childhood - One Chance

Working Together

'The purpose of a school is to help a family educate their child'


The key factor in determining a child's success in school life is to forge a longstanding and strong partnership with parents.

We firmly believe that all our children succeed if we work in effective partnership with parents.

Feedback from parents about the running of the school and suggestions to further improve life at Upton are regularly sought via questionnaires or ideas placed in the 'Comments Box' located in the school reception area.

Conversations on the gate at the beginning or end of the school day, or an email to the headteacher, are other informal ways parents can ask questions or put forward helpful comments. We value everyone's contribution, as a community we all grow and develop together.


Regular communication between home and school is vital if we are to successfully build a partnership.

The school places great importance on regular discussions with parents and the development of a trusting relationship. Many discussions between parents and teacher take place informally as a result of daily contact. Staff emails are shared at the start of the year and can be used as an exchange of dialogue. Text messages are sent as another immediate source of communication alongside regular updates on our website, FaceBook and Twitter.

The importance of face to face contact between parents and staff will always be the most valuable. Parents are invited to attend assemblies and special activities across the year. Parent Consultation 'Target Setting' Meetings are held three times a year, meetings we expect every child to have been represented at.

Newsletters and Information

Parents receive a fortnightly newsletter which is distributed on a Wednesday. These are sent to parents electronically, with paper copies available from the school office.

Schools can have a tendency to use 'education jargon' that can often leave parents and carers confused.  Our staff look to explain educational terms and abbreviations where possible - please don't hesitate to ask us if ever there's a time when you are unsure of a term or phrase used.  To assist with breaking down barriers, we have produced a glossary of education terms for you.  Please click here to access the document.

Zero Tolerance

We aim to treat everybody courteously at all times and expect our parents and visitors to the school, to treat our staff in a similarly respectful way. We take seriously any threatening, abusive or violent behaviour against any of our staff.

In line with schools across the Viking Academy Trust, to ensure this is fully observed, we have a Parent Code of Conduct Policy whereby aggressive or violent behaviour towards our staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Anyone giving verbal abuse to members of staff, either in person or over the telephone, will receive a letter from the Executive Headteacher, advising that this behaviour will not be tolerated.  Any future violation of this policy will result in the person barred from our premises and communication via the telephone/email monitored closely to ensure a respectful tone.  There will be no appeal process.

We feel sure that you will understand that proper behaviour and conduct are absolutely necessary for our children and staff and that non-observance will not be accepted.

Upton PTFA

The aim of the UPTFA is simple – to organise family-focused events which can be enjoyed by all, whilst hopefully raising additional money for the children of Upton!

The PTFA actively seek to expand membership; whether parents can offer help across the year or just on one occasion – it really is 'the more the merrier!'


Upton promotes punctuality! Our doors open at 8:40 am with the school day starting at 8:50 am. Children arriving after this time must come in to school via the office. Arriving late disrupts a child's calm start to the day and can cause distress. Furthermore, persistent lateness disrupts learning and can effect progress.


Parents will need to complete a 'Leave of Absence Request Form' for any absence requested during term time. Family holidays will not be authorised unless there are very special circumstances. The Head of School has been delegated responsibility to make all absence decisions on behalf of the Upton Governing Body. The form can be accessed here: Absence Request Form (including Holiday requests)

House System

The school 'Houses' are our school class colours: BLUE, GREEN, RED & YELLOW. This enables pupils from the four year groups to mix, care for each other and form friendships. We use our house point system to try and encourage the pupils to do everything in a positive way, wherever they are in school, in class, in the lunch hall or in the playground.House points are 'counted' termly and the winning House Team is rewarded with a 'special event'.

As well as competing for the most house points, House Teams participate in 'Inter-House' quizzes, sports events and an annual swimming gala.

Voluntary Contributions

Parents are invited to make an annual voluntary contribution to the Upton School Fund. This money is used to supplement school-based activities and enrichment resources. The cost of out of school trips are covered by voluntary contributions.

Lost Property

All items of lost property are placed in the year group lost property boxes. Please ensure that your child's name is clearly marked on all articles of clothing. At the end of every term we display all unclaimed items for everyone to check through. Any unclaimed items go into the PTFA 'Blue Bag' appeal.


Every child has the right to learn in a calm and respectful environment. We expect our children to behave well at school and encourage self-discipline. Our positive behaviour policy reflects this. If an issue arises we contact parents to ensure that we deal with the matter swiftly and positively. If any children are found to be bullying others this is dealt with positively but firmly in accordance with our Anti-Bullying and Positive Behaviour Policies.

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