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One Childhood - One Chance

Year 6 Weekly News: 05.01.24

Happy New Year and welcome back to all of our families! We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas holiday, making lots of treasured memories with families and friends; it has been wonderful hearing the stories from the children since returning to school. Despite only being back three days, the children in Year 6 have fully immersed themselves into their learning, and have been hard at work, undertaking an array of exciting and engaging activities.  

Personal Development 

This week, we have been exploring Personal Development, and as such, learning has focused on PSHE and well-being. The week began with the children discussing the key question: Is it more important to be liked or respected?  

Children have also learnt: 

  • How to recognise different forms of bullying 

  • About prejudice and how to respond to it 

  • About personal boundaries 

  • To understand their right to be health and safe 


In Maths this week, children have been consolidating their understanding of Place Value and number. Children have undertaken a range of activities, that have allowed children to deepen their understanding of: Place Value to ten million as well adding and subtracting fractions.


The children have been further developing their understanding of non-fiction texts and have been preparing to write a balanced argument based around the question: ‘What’s more important: your brain or your heart?’ Children have spent time researching key facts about the organs and their importance, which they used as supporting evidence, to then debate the target question in presenting different viewpoints. Through their learning, children have explored language and layout features, which they will then apply to their writing, next week.  



This week’s ‘Kindness Cup Winners’ are: 

6B- Rohan 

6G- Rosie 

6R- Misty 

6Y- Daisy 

This week’s ‘Pupils of the Week’ are: 

6B-Burt and Sophie  

6G- Louis A 

6R- Lysa 

6Y- Paisley 

We are so incredibly proud of you all- well done! 


A new year brings about a flurry of resolutions, which hopefully, will result in us becoming better people, or simply healthier or fitter. For us as a school, the focus this term will be to continue our endeavour to inspire children’s love of reading. We want children to become imaginative and articulate individuals, with an expansive understanding of the world, developed through a passion for reading. Therefore, our expectation of children, is to read as much and as often as possible.  

This week, children have taken their Star Reader Assessment and from Monday, will be issued with their adjusted ZPD code, which will be stuck into their reading records. With this in mind, please could we ask that all children bring their reading records into school on Monday. Attached below, is a copy of the Accelerated Reader letter, that was sent out to parents at the start of the year. Children are reminded to bring their reading records in, when they have read- we expect children to read at least, three times a week. 

TTRS Viking Competition 

Next week, Year 6 will be participating in trust-wide ‘TTRS battles’. Last term, Chilton took the TTRS crown on both occasions, but this term, Upton are determined to sweep it back! Children will be spending time in school preparing for the big event, however next week, we want to get families involved in supporting children to prepare for their battles, by taking every opportunity to practise at home. For further information, please use the following link: 

Home Learning 

Attached below is the overarching Thematic Curriculum homework ideas. Please refer to the homework menu which gives a variety of creative tasks for the children to choose from. Children only need to complete one task as a minimum, but can choose to complete more if they wish. Homework is due in on Friday 4th February.  

Spelling Shed 

  • Once a week: Friday to Friday. 

  • Tasks to be completed online, with new tasks set every week. 

  • Tasks will always follow the spellings being taught in class that week. 

Times Tables Rock Stars 

  • Once a week: Friday to Friday. 

  • Tasks to be completed online, with new tasks set every week. 

  • Tasks will always follow the spellings being taught in class that week. 


  • Once a week: Friday to Friday. 

  • Tasks will always follow the learning that week 

Reminder to ensure: 

  • Children are wearing correct school uniform and shoes. 

  • Children are bringing in their water bottles. 

  • Coats are being worn to school. 

Key messages: 

  • To support children’s learning in English, if you have any unwanted shoeboxes at home, please can children bring them in on Monday. 

  • PE days are Wednesdays. 

  • 6B and 6G are swimming on Friday afternoons. 


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