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Upton Junior School

Upton Junior School

One Childhood - One Chance

Meet the Upton Team

We are extremely lucky to have a dedicated and hardworking staff group and a very supportive governing body. The most valuable resource in a school is the people who work there. The staff work as a team to deliver the best educational experience they can for the children of Upton.

Senior Leadership Team



Mrs M Lewis
Executive Headteacher

Miss D Arthur
Head of School

Mr R Kettle
Assistant Headteacher

Miss G Scarr

Assistant Headteacher


Class Teachers

Year 3 Teachers







Miss S Bunce


Miss E Watkins


Mr Rowe / Mrs Watling


Miss K Vary

Head of Year


Additional Teacher - Mrs G Budge, Mrs E Lanciaprima


Year 4 Teachers





Mrs B Danson

Year 4 Head of Year

Mrs R Hayes/ Mrs F Pellett


Miss C Wilson


 Mr R Howarth


Additional Teachers - Mr N Noble, Mrs A Watling


Year 5 Teachers




Miss I Reed/Mr S Faulkner

Miss N Lewis
Teacher and Head of Year 5

Mrs N Phillips

Miss L Newman


Additional Teacher - Mrs M Denby


Year 6 Teachers








Miss R Moore

Miss M Prescott


Mrs B Andrews
Teacher and Head of Year 6

Miss M Limbert

Additional Teacher - Mr C Rowe, Mr R Kettle, Miss G Scarr


Additional School-Wide Staff

  • Mrs C Claxton, SENCo

  • Miss K Arthur, SENCo Assistant

  • Mrs Z Danson, Learning Mentor

  • Mrs A Turner, Learning Mentor

  • VACANT, Music Lead

  • Mrs L Walton, Art Teacher

  • Mr C Noble, Sports Lead

  • Mr A McCollum, Sports Coach

  • Office Staff - Ms C Bridger, Mrs H Keenagh, Mrs S Gaylor and Miss  M Stankiste

  • Site Staff - Mr S Creed, Mr R Young

  • Resource Assistants-Miss L Barratt and Mrs C Higgins

  • IT Team - Mr C Bing and Mr J Deveson


Teaching Support Staff

  • Mrs J Hart, Senior Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs C Williams-Verrall, Senior Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs A Baker, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs C Baker, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs L Berry, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs R Brown, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs L Buckley, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs N Costin, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs C Dench, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs A Frost, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs L Haste, Teaching Assistant

  • Ms S House, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs S Hoyle, Teaching Assistant

  • Mr J McLeod, Teaching Assistant

  • Mr A McCollum, Teaching Assistant

  • Mr A McDermott, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs L Morgan, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs J Moynan, Teaching Assistant

  • Mr P Richards, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs L Regan, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs J Roberts, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs K Shaw, Teaching Assistant

  • Miss E Morris, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs V Prentice, Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs H Hifdhallah, Midday Meals Supervisor

  • Mrs T Sayer, Librarian

Contact Us

Upton Junior School
Edge End Road
CT10 2AH

(01843) 861393