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Upton Junior School

Upton Junior School

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Year 6 Winter Gardens Arrangements Reminders

Please click this link to access a reminder of the final arrangements for the Winter Gardens Rehearsal tomorrow (Tuesday 21st June 2015).

Winter Garden Rehearsal and Show Arrangements on Tuesday 21st July

Pupils to be dropped off at the seafront entrance to the Winter Gardens between 9:00am and 9:15am (drive down slope).

 For children who attend Breakfast Club we will make arrangements to transport them to the Winter Gardens via the minibus.

 There will be no supervision until 9:00am.


 Pupils must sign in & out of the theatre on class lists, which will be at the door.

 Wear your own clothes and be aware that it will also be very hot, even if the weather is poor.

 Bring a packed lunch. If your child has a free school meal a packed lunch will be provided for them. Lots of drinks will be needed too.

 Keep bags to a minimum.

 No money will be needed.

 We hope to be able to get out at break times, so hats and sunscreen might be needed.

 Pupils will remain at the theatre all day. Pick up time will be 3:30pm prompt. Please come to the Winter Gardens main hall to pick them up, (parking available at seafront entrance).

 For children who attend Upton Ship After-School Club we will make arrangements to transport them back to Upton via the minibus.

We will not let any pupil leave the hall without an adult.

Pupils will need to be back at the theatre at 6:30pm please, having eaten first.

Pick up should be about 9:00pm.

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