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Easter Maths Challenge - Create a Maths Game - Belle Year 3

Belle has made an excellent maths game which she enjoyed making and playing with her family. It includes all four operations and looks like lots of fun! Below are the instructions of how to play her wonderful game! 

I have made a board game for the maths challenge 

To set up, you put the sum cards on the board in the coloured squares.

The rules are:

1) Roll the dice to get your starting number

2) Roll again to get onto the board. 

3) Answer the sum on the square that you land on using your starting number. The answer to each sum becomes your new starting number for the next sum.

4) If you get a sum wrong, you go back to the start!

5) If you get a sum right, you stay where you are and play moves to the next player

6) To finish the game, you have to land exactly on the finish square (this might mean re-rolling the dice and moving back and forwards until you get there).

7) When the first person reaches the finish line, they wait for all other players to finish. The person with the largest number once all players have finished is the winner.

I hope you like the game and the pictures.

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