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One Childhood - One Chance

Mrs Walton recommends...The Family from One End Street

‘THE FAMILY FROM ONE END STREET’ by Eve Garnett was my favourite book when I was about 9 years old. It is the story of everyday life in the big, happy Ruggles family who live in the small town of Otwell. Father is a dustman and Mother a washerwoman. Then there's all the children - practical Lily Rose, clever Kate, mischievous twins James and John, followed by Jo, who loves films, little Peg and finally baby William.

The author was born in 1900 and studied art at the Royal Academy School of Art. Whilst a student, she sketched the people of the East End slums and was affected by the poverty she saw, resolving to do something to bring the plight of the working-class family to people's attention.

Although it was written nearly 100 years ago, I would love to know what a child of the 21st century thinks about it.

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