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One Childhood - One Chance

Y3 2020-21


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  • 13/05/21

    3P Pirate Ships

    Today, to help with our work on prepositions, we created our own pirate ships and placed objects in, on or around them. We then used the ships to write sentences describing where the objects/people were. We challenged ourselves to use adventurous vocabulary, including amazing adjectives a...
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  • 07/05/21

    3P Number Day!

    We have had a great time celebrating number day! We have dressed up in our favourite 'number clothes' and played lots of games to practice our times tables. This time, we have been focusing on our 3 times table. We started by chanting the 3 times table by counting in 3s (naughty Bob - our co...
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  • 28/04/21

    3P Inverted Commas

    Today, we have been learning how to use inverted commas to show speech when we are writing. For fun, to show the speech marks, we used macaroni! Look at some of our brilliant writing.
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  • 23/04/21

    3P Fraction Fun!

    This week has been all about fractions! We have been exploring how fractions make whole numbers, counting in fractions and putting fractions onto number lines.    On Thursday, we had a variety of fractions with different denominators, grouped them by denominator and then ordered them...
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  • 01/04/21

    Year 3 Decorated Eggs

    Click on the "Gallery" to see our eggs in Y3.                 
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  • 29/03/21

    3P's perfect poetry persists!

    Today, we have been learning about syllables and the syllable patterns that form Haiku poems. We practised using robot talk to count syllables and then wrote our own haikus about crocodiles and other topics from Ancient Egypt. 
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  • 26/03/21

    3P - Perfect Poetry

    Today we have been studying Lewis Carroll's 'The Crocodile', We found all of the rhyming words and worked out that the poem has an ABAB rhyming pattern.  We have written our own animal based poems. Some of us even managed to make them rhyme!
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  • 18/03/21

    3Y's week

    From Terrible Trenches to Brilliant Baking! 
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  • 17/03/21

    3P explore fractions

    3P have immersed themselves in fractions from the very beginning this week - exploring what wholes and parts are. In these photos, you can see us splitting shapes into equal parts and practically creating a whole and then splitting it into equal and unequal parts with cubes. We then moved onto...
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  • 15/03/21

    3 Orange get into training

    3 Orange experience basic training
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  • 12/03/21

    3R's super first week back at school!

    3R have had a fantastic week back doing lots of fun things such as having a go at the WW1 training, re-enacting the mummification process and writing and performing a repeating pattern poem.
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  • 12/03/21

    3G's Fantastic Week Back

    3G have had an exciting week!  On Monday, we were looking at the theme 'better together'. We learned a section of the song 'Stronger Together' and sang this beautifully! This week, we also learned about the training that soldiers had to take part in and we had a go at some...
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