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Upton Junior School

Upton Junior School

One Childhood - One Chance

3P's perfect poetry persists!

Today, we have been learning about syllables and the syllable patterns that form Haiku poems. We practised using robot talk to count syllables and then wrote our own haikus about crocodiles and other topics from Ancient Egypt. 


Terrible, shining claws

Shining in the blue water

Waiting for fishes.            by Max


The Crocodile

The green crocodile

The scary crocodile swam

The crocodile slept.      by Amelia


The Crocodile

I'm terrifying

I slide in the cold water

My back is scaly.        by Rose



The paraohs are rich,

They're the rulers, they're bossy.

They have slaves and more     by Martha-Mai


The Egyptians and the Pyramids

The slaves work hard

The pyramids stand greatly, 

The Pharaohs are dead     by Burt


The Crocodile

I'm terrifying

I'm quite hungry all the time

And quite scaly too!      by Suhani

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