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Upton Junior School

Upton Junior School

One Childhood - One Chance

4B - Respect & Roll and Draw

This week with Mr Jackson we talked about Respect. 

Sometimes people are better at some things than others. We need to respect each other. We are all different and we have to respect that. 

Today's lesson is about respecting each other
I like how you have tried...
You did that really well...
What a good idea...

Mine is better than yours
Yours is better than mine.

You need to respect yourself too! 

We all drew different monsters and using a dice we created different ones. We wanted to show that everyone is different and we respect that; everyone has different skills and we respect that too. 

In the attachments are the "Roll - a - draw sheets", a blank one and some of the "roll and draw" sheets the children created. 

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