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One Childhood - One Chance

Weekly News and Looking Ahead

Week 3 in Year 4

We have enjoyed another busy and productive week in Year 4! The summer term is well and truly in full-swing with most days bathed (and baked!) in sunshine. This has allowed the children to make full use of our wonderful outside space in break times and lessons times, which has been a real joy for everyone. 


This week, classes have been finishing the money topic by focusing on calculating and problem solving with money, then working on understanding and converting between 12- and 24-hour clock time. Next week we shall continue to focus on time with a focus on problem solving.


In English we started the week researching and writing fact files on Syria in order to support children’s understanding of the background to our class text, “The Boy at The Back of The Class”. We ended the week focusing on creating and scripting dialogue and honing our use of rich and vivid vocabulary by writing descriptions of a famous Syrian produce - the pomegranate!  Next week we will start planning and writing a narrative of a refugee’s journey from Syria to UK.

Afternoon Thematic Curriculum:

Our local geography topic - Beautiful Broadstairs – continues to be a source of rich and varied learning. This week we have explored how coastlines are changed by natural and human factors and the children have created sketch maps of the Broadstairs Trail route we walked as part of this terms Stunning Start. Next week the focus shifts to history as we learn all about local heroes Thomas Crampton and Charles Dickens!

Home Learning:

This week we have been studying local land use and practising our skills of making sketch makes to represent and make sense of how land is used in Broadstairs. Can you create a sketch map of the “land use” in your bedroom? What furniture or devices are located where? What is their purpose? Can you create a key to represent these uses of space?

  • Productivity
  • Recreation 
  • Sleep
  • Clothes 

Once you have drawn your sketch map, have a think about why things are located where they are. Is there a good reason? Does it make sense for certain things to be located next to each other? How would your bedroom function if things were located randomly? What does this logic tell us about how land is used out in the real world? Can you think of examples?

Coming up:

This coming Wednesday is Sports Day! Year 4 events will take place in the morning. For more details please refer to the communication sent to you last week.

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