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One Childhood - One Chance

Weekly Update 24.11.23

What a super week of learning in Year 4!


In Maths, we started a new topic this week: looking at data! The children have been investigating discrete and continuous data and exploring how to read and create pictograms and bar charts using data they collected themselves. We continue this learning next week. Well done to everyone who contributed to our Times Tables Rock Stars inter-academy competition this week. We are excitedly awaiting the results!


This week’s English learning was focused on producing a non-chronological report into the discovery of a new species of animal in the rainforest. The children have written incredibly detailed and imaginative reports about the animals they imagined might live in the wilds of Brazil. Next week we are looking at using dialogue in a narrative as well as how to write a formal letter to the President of Brazil!


In the afternoons this week, the children have continued their Maya topic. The children have learnt about a wide variety of topics focusing on the Mayan writing system as well as the importance of religion in Mayan society, the Gods they worshipped and their rituals for death and sacrifice. Next week we take a side-step into science to learn all about human teeth and digestion.  


Please see the homework menu attached. The children need to choose ONE activity each week that they would like to have a go at. There are 15 activities to choose from to provide a wide range of options. When they have completed a piece of homework, they can send it in either in the book, through photos or bringing something to share. 

Enjoy the weekend, Year 4! Well done on a fabulous week of learning.

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