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One Childhood - One Chance

Weekly update 24.02.23

Hello Term 4!!! A fantastic first week back for year 5!

Welcome back to Term 4! 

Key Messages:

  • Please send your child into school with a pair of outdoor shoes, so they are able to go on the school field.
  • Rs and Ys are swimming this term, please make sure they have their swimming kits on Thursdays. If your child is not swimming please make sure that you contact the class teacher or office to let them know.
  • PE is on Mondays – children to come to school in the PE kit.
  • Thursday 2nd March is a Strike day, please see the letter sent by Miss Arthur for more information regarding this.
  • Friday 3rd March is world book day, your child can come dressed with a rainbow theme to reflect out book of the day, or as a character of their choice.

Home Learning Task

Science encourages types of learning such as critical thinking and problem-solving which will be applicable in the rest of their lives in and out of the classroom. It’s also a way of understanding how the world around us works.

The homework project for the whole school extends from 24th February to the 13th March (National Science Week) to allow pupils time to do it well.

Your task is to conduct a science experiment at home and write it up either in your books across a double page, or display as some of these pupils have done below.

What should my Science Project be About?

We’ve left this as open as possible so that pupils can link it to literally anything they are interested in. In the past, pupils have involved in eclectic projects ranging from building a balloon-powered car, to investigating which flower grows fastest, to which types of food their dog prefers.

There are hundreds of great ideas at the links below of projects you can do

How should it be set out? An experiment write-up should include the following:

• A big bold title

• An explanation of what you’re trying to find out

• A prediction of what will happen (don’t worry if it’s not correct later)

• A list of your apparatus or things you’ll need

• What you did (a method)

• Pictures and/or diagrams

• Results in a table (and a graph if possible)

• Conclusion - what you can tell from your results? Do you have any ideas as to why this is?

• What could be improved in your experiment to make it an even more accurate test?

Please look at the attached document below to see some examples

Reading:         ​

Minimum 3x a week. Reading record must be signed by an adult. Can be completed on your own or with your parents.

Remember that you can also complete AR book quizzes at home now but they must be completed independently.

Spelling Shed:

Friday to Friday.

Tasks will be completed online, with new tasks set every week.

Tasks will always follow the spellings being taught in class that week.

Times Tables Rock Stars:         ​

Minimum 3x a week.

Can be completed on tablets, laptops or mobile phones though the app or the website.


Once a week – Friday to Friday.

Tasks will be completed online, with new tasks set every week.


Weekly Review:

Maths - This week in maths we have continued our learning about fractions, decimals and percentages by ordering and comparing decimals and rounding decimal numbers to the nearest whole number and nearest tenth.

English - This week in English we have created a non-fiction leaflet all about Chichen Itza. This ancient Mayan city was particularly significant in the Maya and links to our topic for this term - 'The Maya'. We carried out some research to gather information out Chichen Itza and then produced beautiful, informative leaflets.

Afternoon Thematic Curriculum - As it was our first week back we started off with PD (personal development) day learning all about diversity and equality. This learning continued in the afternoons across the week. On Friday we had RE day where we learnt about Christianity and parables. We planned our very own parable that conveyed a moral message linked to our Upton core values. We also learnt about significant people who have stood up for what they believe in.


The week ahead:

Maths - Next week in maths we will be continuing our fractions, decimals and percentages topic by learning about percentages, percentages as fractions and percentages as decimals.

English - Next week we will be starting a new text called 'Lady of Shalott'. We will be writing an entwined character and setting description and then using figurative language to write a poem.

Afternoon Thematic Curriculum - Next week we will be starting our new topic for this term 'The Maya'. The first week will focus on Geography, and we will be using 4 and 6 figure grid references to complete a scavenger hunt around school to find out interesting facts out the Maya. We will then be locating ancient Mayan cities on a map and identifying the physical and human features of Central America.

What's coming up?

Please find information about  upcoming learning within our Topics attached below. Full content of learning can always be found on the school website for subjects, but this also gives useful websites and links for children to get ahead, to help them understand, or to follow anything they are interested in.

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