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One Childhood - One Chance

Year 5 Weekly News - Friday 03.03.2023

Homework tasks 

Science homework due 13.03.23 (see below)

Reading daily

TTRS daily

MyMaths and Spelling Shed Friday to Friday

Year 5 Weekly News 03.03.23 

Key Messages:

  • Monday is PE for all of Year 5. Please send the children in wearing their PE kit.
  • Thursday is swimming for 5R and 5Y. Please ensure that full swimming kit is brought in on that day. If your child cannot take part, please contact their teacher or the office to explain why.
  • Reminder to ensure children are reading at home and bringing in their reading records daily.
  • Please ensure children are wearing correct school uniform and shoes.
  • Please ensure children are bringing in their water bottles.
  • Children should bring an extra pair of shoes to change into at break and lunch should they wish to use the field.
  • On Tuesday 14th March, Year 5 will be visiting Broadstairs College to participate in a science activities day. Please see the email sent regarding this.

Home Learning Task

Science encourages types of learning such as critical thinking and problem-solving which will be applicable in the rest of their lives in and out of the classroom. It’s also a way of understanding how the world around us works.

The homework project for the whole school extends from 24th February to the 13th March (National Science Week) to allow pupils time to do it well.

Your task is to conduct a science experiment at home and write it up either in your books across a double page, or display as some of these pupils have done below.

What should my Science Project be About?

We’ve left this as open as possible so that pupils can link it to literally anything they are interested in. In the past, pupils have involved in eclectic projects ranging from building a balloon-powered car, to investigating which flower grows fastest, to which types of food their dog prefers.

There are hundreds of great ideas at the links below of projects you can do

How should it be set out? An experiment write-up should include the following:

• A big bold title

• An explanation of what you’re trying to find out

• A prediction of what will happen (don’t worry if it’s not correct later)

• A list of your apparatus or things you’ll need

• What you did (a method)

• Pictures and/or diagrams

• Results in a table (and a graph if possible)

• Conclusion - what you can tell from your results? Do you have any ideas as to why this is?

• What could be improved in your experiment to make it an even more accurate test?

Please look at the attached document below to see some examples


Minimum 3x a week. Reading record must be signed by an adult. Can be completed on your own or with your parents.

Spelling Shed:

Once a week – Friday to Friday. 

Tasks will be completed online, with new tasks set every week.

Tasks will always follow the spellings being taught in class that week. 

 Times Tables Rock Stars:

Minimum 3x a week.

Can be completed on tablets, laptops or mobile phones though the app or the website.

 My Maths:

Once a week – Friday to Friday.

Tasks will be completed online, with new tasks set every week.

Tasks will always follow the subjects being taught in class that week.


In English this week we read a classical poem – the Lady of Shalott. It is an emotional and moving poem that has really gripped the children as they were reading. The children were particularly captivated with the magical and supernatural elements of the poem.

This week we wrote an entwined setting and character description of the Lady of Shalott. We then developed these ideas into a poem, which focused on developing the children’s use of figurative language.

We are thrilled to be starting a new text next week – Street Child – where we will be continuing to enhance our figurative language skills in a character description. The children will also practice writing informal letters using emotive language.



This week in maths we focused on equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. We started by understanding percentages using hundred squares and finished the week by calculating equivalent percentages, fractions and decimals. It was amazing to see the children linking all their knowledge together to tackle some tricky maths problems!

Next week, we will begin our learning of perimeter.

Thematic Curriculum:

This week we began our new topic, the Maya! As part of our stunning start, the children used their new knowledge of four and six figure grid references to go on an amazing treasure hunt around the school! They hunted for clues and information about the Maya in partners using their maps and had an amazing time. We then used maps to help us locate where the Maya lived, exploring the geographical features of Central America.

Next week, we will be comparing Broadstairs to a town in Guatemala and explore when the Maya took place in history.


Italian Students:

This week we welcomed 15 students from Italy for an immersion visit. Children from each class became buddies and looked after the students whilst they were here. They enjoyed learning snippets of the Italian language and their culture and all children involved viewed it as a valuable experience. All buddies were super guides and we are extremely proud of how all of Year 5 interacted with them and looked after them for the week.

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