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One Childhood - One Chance

Year 5 Weekly News - Friday 06.10.23

We have had a fabulous week in Year 5 this week. Take a look at what we have been up to…

This week's Kindness Cup winners are: 5B – Emelis     5G – Tess     5R – Kiki     5Y – Lucas

We are so proud of all of you for showing such kindness.

Key Messages:

  • Monday is PE for all of Year 5. Please send the children in wearing their PE kit.
  • Thursday is swimming for 5B and 5G. Please ensure that full swimming kit is brought in on that day. If your child cannot take part, please contact their teacher or the office to explain why.
  • Reminder to ensure children are reading at home and bringing in their reading records daily.
  • Please ensure children are wearing correct school uniform and shoes, including a tie.
  • Please ensure children are bringing in their water bottles, preferably with a sports cap.

Weekly homework tasks: 

Reading daily – please bring in your reading record signed by an adult.

TTRS at least 3 times a week for 10 minutes.

Spelling Shed - Friday to Friday

Mathletics – Friday to Friday        This is now up and running!

Mathletics logins have now been sent home in reading records and home learning books. Unfortunately, if these books have not been in school this week, then your child may not have them. However, you should have received a letter via MCAS with the login information. If you do not have either of these, please contact your child’s class teacher.

Termly Home Learning Task

This year, we will be setting just one homework task to be completed across the term that links with our Thematic Curriculum. There will be a selection of homework tasks to choose from but you are also free to do something else related to the topic. It would be great to see models brought in or photographs in books for anything that has been physically made. Other work can be completed in the book or printed and stuck in. We look forward to seeing what you come up with and details of this term’s task are below:

Check out some of the pieces we have had so far… ​


In English this week we focused on writing from the point of view of Bradley, using an internal monologue to record his thoughts about himself and others. We portrayed the conflict that plays out in his mind whilst wanting to be good but battling with the thoughts that other people (children and adults) think he is a monster. The children used some wonderful examples of emotive language and could see how Bradley’s character is developing in the story. We also looked at the use of apostrophes. We recapped the use of apostrophes for contraction to shorten two words into one and the use of an apostrophe to show singular possession.

Poetry Day: Thursday was National Poetry Day with a theme of ‘refuge’. The children read ‘On the Move Again’ by Michael Rosen and performed it in small groups. They then gathered their own ideas and wrote poems based around the theme of refugees and migration. We had some fabulous poems – well done to all!

Next week we will be finishing reading our text, ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’ whilst debating whether Carla should keep her job. The children will write a persuasive speech to show which side they believe.


This week in maths we finished our addition and subtraction unit. The children have explored using a formal column method, including filling in missing numbers from a calculation. They also worked through some problem-solving questions using a mixture of mental and formal strategies.

Next week, the children will complete their end of unit assessment, and we will begin looking at line graphs and tables.

Thematic Curriculum:

This week our focus in Thematic has been linked to deserts. We explored some of the different deserts in North America and what makes a desert a hot desert or a cold desert. We also looked at some life cycles during our science lessons and revised our understanding of metamorphosis. To finish the week, we looked at what animals and plants can be found in the desert and what adaptations they have to enable them to survive in harsh conditions.

Next week we will be answering a ‘Big Question’ and preparing a presentation.

Adults are welcome into classes on Friday 13th October from 2.15pm to look at the work the children have been doing this term.

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