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Upton Junior School

Upton Junior School

One Childhood - One Chance

Upcoming Personal Development Learning!

Read this blog to find out about our Personal Development Learning week next term! 

What a fantastic term of Personal Development Upton has had!

The children have been so respectful throughout their learning of equality and diversity in relationships. Next term, we will continue exploring relationships but focus on kindness and the importance of keeping safe online.

On Wednesday 3rd January, Upton returns from the winter break and it will be a Personal Development Day; the children will focus on PSHE and wellbeing activities. The day will start with a discussion of the following key question:

Is it more important to be liked or respected?

The focus text for this day will be “A Simple Act Of Kindness” by David Harris:

A simple act of kindness

can stop a million tears.

A little hug

can give so much joy.

A letter now and then to someone

can save so many wasted years.

We should hold every moment precious

and help as many as we can

with a simple act of kindness

every now and then.

The world would be a better place

if we all cared a little more.

Imagine how many smiling faces

would greet us at the door

if we extended that helping hand

with a simple act of kindness

that could spread across many lands.


Each year group will explore the following learning objectives:


Year 3:

To recognise and respond appropriately to the feelings of others

To recognise what a healthy relationship is

To recognise an unhealthy relationship and how to ask for help


Year 4:

To understand that our actions can affect others

To understand acceptable physical contact

To the concept of keeping a secret and why it is ok to break this promise


Year 5:

To understand how to resolve conflicts

To compromise and support others during disputes

To recognise and manage “dares”


Year 6:

To recognise different forms of bullying

To explore prejudice and how to respond to it

To understand personal boundaries

To understand their right to be healthy and safe

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