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One Childhood - One Chance

Personal Development Curriculum for Term 5

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Next term in PSHE, “Living in the Wider World” will be our third and final theme of the year within our Personal Development curriculum and will take place throughout Terms 5 and 6. This topic will explore diverse communities that make up our wonderful UK and also teach children about economic and social skills! Diversity will be our focus week at the start of Term 5 and we will start with the question “What is a community?”.

Children will discuss and learn about what makes up a community, the community they live in and the people and places that shape their life.

Years 5 and 6 will also have a talk from the RNLI to discuss water safety pm Wednesday 19th April.

Throughout the week they will make links with Upton’s Core Values and British Values.

Year 6 will…

…about refugees and their history

…explore social media and how it can mislead or misrepresent communities  

…why people protest

In RE, Upton will explore Islam as a focus day. Every term we explore one of the six major world religions. We have already explored Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. Term 6 will be Sikhism.

Year 6’s Focus Question: What is the Qur’an and why is it important to Muslims today?

IALT: understand the term “sacred” and link it to Muslims and the Qur’an

IALT: compare the Qur’an’s idea of God with my own thoughts

IALT: explore the significance of the Qur’an today

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