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One Childhood - One Chance

Year 6 weekly news: 12.01.24

Another fabulous week in the life of Year 6! 

As another week of excitement and education draws to a close, children and adults alike, can proudly look back on a week that has been nothing short of extraordinary, in terms of what the children have achieved in their learning. From captivating lessons, to hands-on, engaging activities; children have immersed themselves in the whirlwind of learning that has left them inspired and eager for more! 


In the realms of science, our classrooms have transformed into hubs of curiosity, exploration and creativity, as our children dove head first into the captivating world of the human body, exploring the inner complexities of the heart. With eyes wide open, our budding scientists eagerly delved into the depths of this vital organ, witnessing first-hand, a live dissection, undertaken by Miss Scarr and Mr Kettle. The experience was more than just a lesson; it was a tangible connection to the inner workings of our bodies, which has undoubtedly sparked an appreciation for the marvels that exist beneath our skin.  

Building upon their learning further, children have also been exploring the inner workings of the circulatory system: from veins, to arteries, the entire cardiovascular network has been brought to life in our classrooms. Children showcased their learning by turning a simple t-shirt into a canvas of knowledge. Armed with markers and enthusiasm, they carefully drew a scale representation of the circulatory system on their shirts, which proudly displayed their newfound understanding of the human body.  

A big thank you to Miss Moore, who has co-ordinated this week’s activities, so brilliantly!  




This week’s curriculum has centred around the consolidation of key aspects of number, including working with fractions. Children have spent the week revisiting concepts, including: comparing and ordering fractions, as well as converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa. Through their learning, children have gained a deeper appreciation for the versatility of fractions in representing numerical relationships.  


During English this week, children have built on their previous learning, by applying their research about the heart and the brain, in their writing of a balanced argument. With a focus on language and layout features, children have applied their research from last week to construct a compelling and well-reasoned written argument to explore the question: ‘What’s more important: your brain or your heart?’ 

This week’s ‘Kindness Cup Winners’ are:  

6B- Amelia 

6G- Ella 



This week’s ‘Pupils of the Week’ are:  

6B- Olivia 

6G- Sashzvin 


6Y- Alfie 

We are so incredibly proud of you all- well done!  


Children have now been issued with their adjusted ZPD code, which has been stuck into their reading records. If your child has not yet brought their reading record in this week, please could we ask you to remind them to do so- children are reminded to bring their reading records in, when they have read- we expect children to read at least, three times a week.  

When children bring their books in, in the morning, they will get it signed by their class teacher. In each classroom, there is a ‘Have you read?’ chart. When a teacher signs the reading record, the child puts a dot next to their name. This allows the class teacher to monitor who is reading. If a child reads 200 times or more over the course of the year, they will earn a place in the 200 club; this means their picture will be taken and put in the paper to celebrate this milestone. There are also many other rewards for the children to earn! 


Home Learning  

Attached below, is a reminder of the overarching Thematic Curriculum homework ideas. Please refer to the homework menu which gives a variety of creative tasks for the children to choose from. Children only need to complete one task as a minimum, but they can choose to complete more if they wish. Homework is due in on Friday 4th February.   

Spelling Shed  

  • Once a week: Friday to Friday.  

  • Tasks to be completed online, with new tasks set every week.  

  • Tasks will always follow the spellings being taught in class that week.  

  Times Tables Rock Stars  

  • Once a week: Friday to Friday.  

  • Tasks to be completed online, with new tasks set every week.  

  • Tasks will always follow the spellings being taught in class that week.  


  • Once a week: Friday to Friday.  

  • Tasks will always follow the learning that week. 

Reminder to ensure:  

  • Children are wearing correct school uniform and shoes.  

  • Children are bringing in their water bottles.  

  • Coats are being worn to school.  

  • Children are completing their Mathletics and Spelling Shed activities each week. 

Key messages:  

  • Since the return to school, the weather has really taken a frosty turn. All children need to wear coats and gloves to school- we are asking all children to wear their coats out on the playground at breaktime and lunchtime. 

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