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One Childhood - One Chance

Year 6 Weekly News: 02.02.24

As another week comes to an end, it’s yet another time to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our Year 6 children and all that they have accomplished. 


This week has been an exploration of culinary delights, where our young chefs have taken to the kitchen, planning, preparing and making their own Bolognese recipe. The classroom kitchen became a buzz with excitement, as the children chopped, stirred, and simmered, transforming raw ingredients into a delicious masterpiece. This project not only honed their cooking skills but also instilled a sense of teamwork and responsibility. 

Adding to their culinary pursuits, the Year 6 children were invited to the Royal Harbour Academy for a cookery Masterclass. Diving deeper into the world of flavours and textures, children explored the art of salad making. From quiches to pasta salads, rice salads, and potato salads, each creation was a testament to their growing culinary prowess. The children learnt not only the techniques behind crafting these dishes but also the nutritional benefits of incorporating a variety of ingredients into their meals. The trip was a unique opportunity for our budding chefs to step into a professional kitchen and create a healthy dish under the guidance of specialist teachers. The experience not only broadened their culinary horizons but also fuelled their passion for healthy living. 

Upton in the news: Young Upton chefs head into the kitchen – The Isle Of Thanet News






In Maths this week, the children have delved into the intricacies of decimal sequences and measurement, marking a week filled with exploration, problem-solving, and mathematical discovery. Children began the week exploring linear number sequences, learning how to identify rules, terms patterns and connections, enhancing their ability to predict and extend sequences. Children have also been mastering the art of reading and interpreting scales. Whether it was a ruler, a thermometer, or a graph, our children have tackled each scale with precision and understanding.  


During English this week, children have been crafting diary recounts from the perspective of a character within the text: Skellig. Through which, children have been encouraged to step into the shoes of the characters, which has in turn, supported them to understand the thoughts, feelings and emotions reflected by the events described within the text. Children have explored how the writer uses emotive language, and have likewise, used this understanding to infuse their writing with vocabulary and phrases that evoke emotions in their readers.  

This week’s ‘Kindness Cup Winners’ are: 

6B- Iris 

6G- Jacob E 

6R- Bella  

6Y- Luke 

 This week’s ‘Pupils of the Week’ are:  

6B- Amelia 

6G- Nathan 

6R- Ellie 

6Y- Penny 

We are so incredibly proud of you all- well done!  

Spelling Shed  

  • Once a week: Friday to Friday.  

  • Tasks to be completed online, with new tasks set every week.  

  • Tasks will always follow the spellings being taught in class that week.  

Times Tables Rock Stars  

  • Once a week: Friday to Friday.  

  • Tasks to be completed online, with new tasks set every week.  

  • Tasks will always follow the spellings being taught in class that week.  


  • Once a week: Friday to Friday.  

  • Tasks will always follow the learning that week. 

Reminder to ensure:  

  • Children are wearing correct school uniform and shoes.  

  • Children are bringing in their water bottles.  

  • Coats are being worn to school.  

  • Children are completing their Mathletics and Spelling Shed activities each week. 

  Key messages:  

  • Since the return to school, the weather has really taken a frosty turn. All children need to wear coats and gloves to school- we are asking all children to wear their coats out on the playground at breaktime and lunchtime. 

  •  PE days are Wednesdays. 

  • 6B and 6G are swimming on Friday afternoons. 

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