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One Childhood - One Chance

Year 6 Weekly News: 09.02.24

As we reach the end of the final week of term, we have, once again, lots to celebrate in the life of Year 6! 


This week, our young minds delved into the profound teachings of Buddhism, unravelling its history, presence in Britain, and the significance of its symbols. Our Year 6 children embarked on a captivating journey through time to explore the origins of Buddhism. From the ancient lands where it first flourished, to its spread across the globe; our children have gained valuable insights into the rich tapestry of Buddhist history, as well as a deeper appreciation for the cultural and philosophical underpinnings of this ancient tradition. 

In their quest to understand Buddhism, children have delved into the rich symbolism that permeates Buddhist art and culture. From the serene image of the Buddha to the intricate designs of mandalas, and Lotus flowers, children explored the deeper meanings behind these symbols, fostering a greater understanding of Buddhist philosophy and worldview. 

Our children also embarked on a unique journey into the heart of Buddhist practice and philosophy, through a hands-on workshop. Led by practicing Buddhists, our children gained firsthand knowledge of how Buddhism is lived and practiced in contemporary British society. 


This week, children have been immersed in the fascinating world of metric and imperial measurements, honing their skills in conversion and applying their new found knowledge to solve complex mathematical problems involving area and perimeter. Through collaborative discussions, they embraced the challenge of solving complex problems, fostering resilience and perseverance in the face of mathematical challenges. 


This week, our Year 6 students embarked on a fascinating journey into the mind of the enigmatic character Skellig, as they delved into the art of crafting internal monologues. Through this creative exploration, they continued to refine their use of vocabulary and language, immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of Skellig's inner thoughts and emotions. Children infused their writing with descriptive imagery, evocative language, and subtle nuances, bringing Skellig's inner world vividly to life on the page. 

Thank you!

As we bid farewell to another term, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our children, families, and staff for their unwavering support and dedication. Whether it's lending a helping hand, offering words of encouragement, or going above and beyond to ensure the success of our school community. Thank you also to all the families who attended our open afternoon on Thursday, it was so lovely to have you join in our end of term, celebration of learning, and likewise, to witness firsthand, the incredible progress and growth that our children have made throughout the term. 


To our children and families, we extend our warmest wishes for a restful and enjoyable half-term break. May this time be filled with laughter, relaxation, and cherished moments spent with loved ones. Whether you're embarking on exciting adventures or simply enjoying some well-deserved downtime at home, we hope you return refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities that await us in the weeks ahead. 

The ‘Pupils of the Term’ Class are:  

6B- Alicja 

6G- Seth 

6R- Sienna 

6Y- Bertie 

The ‘Pupils of the Term’ for Maths are:  

6B- Rohan 

6G- Ben 

6R- Irma 

6Y- Paisley 

The ‘Pupils of the Term’ for Writing are:  

6B- Lacey 

6G- Matthew 

6R- Jacob 

6Y- Maddison 

The Upton Values award winners for Term 3 are: 

6B- Amelia 

6G- Jack 

6R- Claudia 

6Y- Luke 

We are so incredibly proud of you all- well done!  

Spelling Shed  

  • Once a week: Friday to Friday.  

  • Tasks to be completed online, with new tasks set every week.  

  • Tasks will always follow the spellings being taught in class that week.  

 Times Tables Rock Stars  

  • Once a week: Friday to Friday.  

  • Tasks to be completed online, with new tasks set every week.  

  • Tasks will always follow the spellings being taught in class that week.  


  • Once a week: Friday to Friday.  

  • Tasks will always follow the learning that week. 

 Reminder to ensure:  

  • Children are wearing correct school uniform and shoes.  

  • Children are bringing in their water bottles.  

  • Coats are being worn to school.  

  • Children are completing their Mathletics and Spelling Shed activities each week. 

  Key messages:  

  • All children need to wear coats and gloves to school- we are asking all children to wear their coats out on the playground at breaktime and lunchtime. 

  • PE days are Wednesdays. 

  • 6Y and 6R are swimming on Friday afternoons in Term 4.  

  • For our ‘Book Banter’ Reading session on Friday 23rd February, each class will be compiling a ‘Recommended Read’ scrapbook of thoughts, reflections about their favourite books, which will be displayed in our school library. Each child, will be designing and creating their own page to add to the book. Children have been asked to bring in, any images, clippings or decorated paper that they would like to add to their page. 




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