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Year 6 Weekly News: 26.04.24

Another fabulous week in the life of Year 6! 

As another week of excitement and education draws to a close, children and adults alike, can proudly look back on a week that has been nothing short of extraordinary, in terms of what the children have achieved in their learning.  


This week in our Thematic learning, our children have been analysing propaganda posters depicting heroic soldiers, patriotic citizens and the infamous villains of the Axis powers. The children have been amazed to see how images and words were carefully crafted to evoke specific emotions and rally people behind a cause. But we've also learnt to approach these messages critically, understanding that propaganda often distorts the truth and serves the interests of those in power.  

In our exploration of rationing, we've stepped into the shoes of families facing daily challenges and making sacrifices for the greater good. We've learnt about ration books, ration coupons, and the creative ways people stretched their rations to make them last. It's been a lesson in resilience, resourcefulness, and the importance of solidarity during times of adversity. Next week, we're diving into the historic events surrounding VE Day, marking the end of World War II in Europe: a momentous occasion that shaped the course of history and brought hope to millions around the world. 


In Year 6, we've been honing our multiplication skills, practising fluency and speed to tackle multiplication problems swiftly and accurately. Furthermore, children have spent time consolidating and deepening their understanding of decimals, by combining them with the four fundamental operations. Whether it's multiplying decimals, dividing whole numbers, or solving multi-step problems, we're sharpening our problem-solving skills and becoming more proficient mathematicians with each task. Next week, our Year 6’s will be revisiting and extending their learning of shapes, in order to master the intricacies of angles and measurement. 


During English this week, our focus has been developing the skill of building tension and suspense in descriptive narratives; without doubt, it's been a journey filled with twists, turns, and nail-biting moments! Diving into the nitty-gritty of tension-building techniques, our budding authors have immersed themselves in the world of descriptive writing. We’ve been amazed by the creativity, imagination, and descriptive prowess of our young writers: from mastering the art of pacing and varied sentence structure, to crafting heart-stopping cliffhangers. Our children have truly shown themselves to be accomplished and highly skilled writers. Next week sees our Year 6’s writing as journalists, reporting on the disappearance of Michael - we can’t wait to get stuck in! 

This week’s ‘Kindness Cup Winners’ are:  

6B- Suhani 

6G- Alice 

6R- Belle 

6Y- Ethan  

This week’s ‘Pupils of the Week’ are:  

6B- Rose 

6G- Henry 

6R- Misty 

6Y- Cody  

We are so incredibly proud of you all - well done!  

SATs reminders:

With SATs just around the corner, we understand that for some children, this can be a trigger of anxiety for parents and children all over the country. It is therefore vital that Year 6 pupils are able to navigate their preparation for SATs, without experiencing undue stress or anxiety. Children are incredibly resilient, and with support from you and the school, most will have a very positive experience of SATs.  

How can I help my child?   

  • Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep, have a good breakfast and arrive at school on time each day.   

  • Join our free SATs breakfast from Monday 6th May.  

  • Encourage your child to read daily.   

  • Encourage your child to read fiction and non-fiction.   

  • Try to ask your child questions about the text.   

  • Help your child with different skills of reading, especially ‘skim’ reading where they are looking for key words in the text.   

  • Encourage your child to P.E.E.—make a point, provide evidence and explain.   

  • Support your child to complete homework on Mathletics.

  • Encourage your child to access more texts and complete their quizzes on Accelerated Reader.   

  • Encourage your child to access TT Rockstars, to work on rapid recall of multiplication tables.   

Home Learning   

Attached below is the overarching Thematic Curriculum homework ideas. Please refer to the homework menu which gives a variety of creative tasks for the children to choose from. Children only need to complete one task as a minimum, but can choose to complete more if they wish. Homework is due in, on Friday 24th May.    

Spelling Shed   

  • Once a week: Friday to Friday.   

  • Tasks to be completed online, with new tasks set every week.   

  • Tasks will always follow the spellings being taught in class that week.   

Times Tables Rock Stars   

  • Once a week: Friday to Friday.   

  • Tasks to be completed online, with new tasks set every week.   

  • Tasks will always follow the spellings being taught in class that week.   


  • Once a week: Friday to Friday.   

  • Tasks will always follow the learning that week. 

Reminder to ensure:   

  • Children are wearing correct school uniform and shoes.   

  • Children are bringing in their water bottles.   

  • Coats are being worn to school.   

Key messages:   

  • PE days are Wednesdays.   

  • 6B and 6G are swimming on Friday afternoons.   

  • Year 6 SATs and Activity Week meeting for parents on Monday 29th April (5:15pm- 5:45pm). Please contact Mrs Andrews if you have any questions. 

  • Don’t forget, our free SATs breakfast starts from Monday 6th May.




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