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Upton Junior School

Upton Junior School

One Childhood - One Chance

6Y WOW DAY - Born this WAY!

We dressed up as something to do with the body.... we even had someone dress as an anti bacterial box!!! 

Using our Senses:During this activity, we reflected on our senses and used empathy to think about how we would need to adapt if we were to lose one of our senses. We watched amazing videos of people who have adapted to playing sport despite their visual impairments as well as a heart-warming video of a young girl called Lacey who, despite being born without arms, is able to draw, colour, play with building blocks and even tie her own laces. We then had a go to see how well we would adapt; first drawing with our dominant hand, then our weaker hand, then our mouths and finally our feet. It was a lot tougher than Lacey made it look!

First Aid: Andy Webb, came in to teach us First Aid. He showed us how to perform CPR and how to put someone into the recovery position. Whilst half the class were doing CPR with Andy, the other half were researching the Red Cross—finding out how they started, about the work they do and watching videos on other aspects of First Aid.

Circuit Training: We all took part in a gruelling exercise circuit in the hall. As we exercised, we  recognised and discussed changes which were happening in our bodies, such as  increased heart rate, increased breathing rate, aching muscles and sweating. We discussed the reasons for these changes and some of the science behind them.

Fizz Pop: The body is under attack from dangerous germs and we must protect it! We will surprise you by how easy germs can be spread, and find out about this season’s must have mucus and how it protects us from the dangerous invaders all around us. Just in case, take some extra home with you as well!!!

Fizz Pop: Finding out about flavour is the aim of this session. We explore how it is not just our tongues that help us taste and that some of the other senses are closely involved, from eyes, tongue and olfactory this is one tasty workshop. We will all make some fizzy sherbet to take home!





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