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Upton Junior School

Upton Junior School

One Childhood - One Chance

4Y Change the World!

In celebration of National Poetry Day 2021 - 4Y get creative and write their own poems in the style of Brian Moses' 'Names'.

Today 4Y have been celebrating National Poetry Day 2021. As a class, we read and analysed the poem 'Names' by Brian Moses which features some powerful themes linked to environmental issues. The children spoke about how the poem made them feel and shared their own opinions on the poem. Working in groups, the children performed the poem, a stanza at a time - adding in actions as they read! They were fantastic! After a whole class discussion about the negative impact humans can have on the planet and the many positive changes we could make to help combat global warming, the children wrote their own poems in the style of Brian Moses' 'Names'. They all worked so hard to create some beautiful poetry today - well done 4Y - You're all awesome!!

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