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Upton Junior School

Upton Junior School

One Childhood - One Chance

Invaders and Settlers Topic

Shields & longboats

Children made their own Viking longboats and Viking shields for part of our topic on Invaders and Settlers. Their shields were used to acts out the Battle of Hastings as part of our Topic lesson that required them to use their oracy skills to retell the events of 1066. Every child put so much effort into their home learning and created amazing shields and longboats we had shields made from wood and longboats made from paper mâché. Each one had be designed using their learning on Vikings and you could see the detail,  runes included on most designs the effort that each child had gone  to in order to showcase the knowledge that they had learnt. 

Trip to Canterbury Cathedral

We visited Canterbury Cathedral as part of our learning on Invaders and Settlers. We learnt about the stories, looked at key artefacts and became historians for the day.

 It was brilliant to see the children's learning coming together - they used key knowledge in the build up to this trip to answer questions and impress that staff at the Cathedral with their well thought out responses. It tied our learning together and was a great opportunity to use our locality for our History learning.


Children made Spring Rolls at Royal Harbour Academy linked to our previous Topic on China. They thoroughly enjoyed making their spring rolls and this was a fabulous opportunity to use the kitchen facilities and for children to cook. 

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