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Reading Challenge!

Reading challenge......


Our Reading Challenge has been designed to encourage you to keep up that enjoyment of reading over Term 4.  Below are 20 ways you could share a story. Ask your parents/carers to tick the box for each one you manage to complete. Sign and return the form to school by Friday 29th March to be entered into the prize draw. You could win a book voucher.

1. Read to a pet


11. Read a poem


2. Read at bedtime


12. Read a book you picked at the library


3. Read in your pyjamas


13. Read a book by an author you’ve never read before


4. Read wearing a hat


14. Read recipe instructions and try it out


5. Read to someone else


15. Read in the bath -carefully!


6. Listen to an audiobook


16. Read first thing in the morning


7. Read your favourite book


17. Read a book that makes you happy


8. Read a story about animals


18. Read a book someone else recommended to you


9. Read somewhere unusual


19.Switch off the TV and read instead


10. Take it in turns to read a page aloud to someone else


20. Read an article from a magazine or newspaper
























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