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Year 5 Anglo-Saxon/Viking Workshop

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As part of our broad and balanced curriculum, we endeavour to provide our pupils with hands-on learning experiences. Across this term, Year 5 are studying the topic, ‘Invaders and Settlers’.  As part of this topic, pupils will have the opportunity to travel back in time to Anglo-Saxon and Viking period through a visit from a ‘real’ historical character from ‘Viking School Visits’ to gain an insight into these fascinating periods of history.

The workshop will give pupils a rounded view of who the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings were, where they were from and the important legacy they left behind. Just some of the aspects that will be covered by the workshop include how people lived, worked and travelled between 400 AD and 1066 AD. Pupils will also be exposed to replica tools and clothing and they will discover what daily life was like for the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

To fully submerse themselves in their learning, we encourage pupils to become an Anglo-Saxon or Viking for the day by dressing up. However, we do not want you to spend money on costumes! Please visit  for instructions for simple costumes that do not require any buying or sewing.

The workshops will be held across two days:

Thursday 19th September 2019 – 5R & 5Y

Friday 20th September 2019 – 5B & 5G

We ask please for a contribution towards the workshop of £5.40 per child and this is payable via our online payment system School Money ( No child will be excluded from the activities and all contributions are much appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your support in enabling us to make your child’s learning as enriching, hands-on and as fun as possible!

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