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One Childhood - One Chance

Pupils Excel at the Big Countdown Showdown

Hundreds of determined children stepped forward eager meet the challenge of an inter-school super quiz based on the popular television show Countdown.

The competition featured all three schools from the Viking Academy Trust – Upton Juniors, Chilton primary and Ramsgate Arts Primary in the Countdown Showdown.

A long selection process for the grand final saw teams selected via school-based heats. Each child from Key Stage 2 (Years 3 4, 5 and 6) had the chance to enter through a series of English and Maths based challenges, which established the highest scoring child from each house in each year group.

This led to a school based final of four teams, one representing each house with a child from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6. They competed in an internal final with the winners selected for the big competition finale that was held at Chilton Primary School’s main hall.

Chilton were represented by Chloe, Elifsu, Adam and Tamyia; RAPS by Mollie-Mae, Darcie-Mae, Amber and Phoebe; and Upton by Cosmo, Roman Suhani and Beau.

In the final the contestants, aged between seven and eleven-years-old, faced four tricky rounds.

In the numbers round they were given one large number and five smaller numbers, and had to demonstrate how to create the larger number using the smaller numbers and show any workings.

The conundrum round saw competitors make the longest word possible from nine jumbled letters.

In the times table round against the clock, children were tested on how many correct tables they could answer in one minute.

The final round tested spelling ability to see how many words they could spell correctly in 60 seconds.

After a tense and exciting competition the Viking Trust Countdown champions for 2023 were Chilton Primary, with Upton Juniors in second, and Ramsgate Arts Primary third.

Michaela Lewis, the Trust’s Executive Head Teacher, praised all the competitors. She said: “This was a tough challenge from the very first selection heats right through to the big Countdown Showdown.

“The standard of knowledge and performance from all ages across Key Stage 2 from each of our schools was very impressive. It is not easy to be put under the spotlight in a hall full of enthusiastic and excited pupils, friends and staff and all our competitors performed ever so well. Huge thanks go to our brilliant staff who organised this fantastic challenge throughout the competition.

“It was an exciting challenge and our children are already looking forward to the next time that Viking Academy Trust does Countdown.”

For more information contact Viking Academy Trust Executive Head Teacher Michaela Lewis on 01843 582847.

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