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Celebrating the Olympic Games and diversity

Pupils at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs are enjoying an imaginative project celebrating the Olympic Games and diversity.

Each class in the school has been assigned countries that are among those taking part in this summer’s world sporting spectacular in Paris.

Year 3 represented Argentina, Australia and Brazil; Year 4 found out about Chile, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia and Iceland; the Year 5 countries are New Zealand, Indonesia, Morocco and Japan; Year 6 investigated Vietnam, Sweden, Puerto Rico, and America.

As part of their learning adventure around the globe, pupils have learnt songs, dances and explored the climate, population, food, culture, heritage and music of their adopted country.

A special Diversity Day to celebrate their learning involved children dressing in colours of their country’s flag and creating work including writing and art.


Pupils explored each other’s classrooms to broaden their collective knowledge and share the achievements on display.

A whole school assembly featured music from many of the focus countries the classes had been learning about, with a variety of instruments on show.

This focus day was linked to Upton’s PSHE curriculum and one of the school’s overarching themes – to understand diverse communities.

Upton’s Personal Development Lead Izzy Reed said: “It is so important that we embrace and celebrate diversity within our school community. This special day teaches our children about empathy, respect, cultural diversity and the wider world.”

UPTONdiversity countries join togethercelebrating Austr

UPTONdiversity-Aborigine artwork

UPTONdiversity-with the Vietnam flag

Head of School Darci Arthur added: “It was a colourful and lively event that celebrated an important period of work that supports one of our core beliefs and looks at one of the world’s great sporting events – Upton’s diversity Olympics is worthy of gold medals all round.”

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