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Upton Junior School

Upton Junior School

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Science is an investigative and hands-on subject at Upton, taught within our topic based UBBC units.  With the topic as a starting point, children are encouraged to pose and investigate their own question and lines of enquiry.

We aim to provide pupils with the core scientific knowledge and processes to be able to answer questions about the world around them,whilst also allowing hands-on practical experiences in a variety of active situations that make use of both the school environment and the local community. Underpinning all science at Upton are the skills of  generating  lines of enquiry, making predictions, analysing results, observing changes over time, collecting results in a variety of ways, drawing conclusions from their observations and evaluating  method and the reliability of  results.

Cross-Curricular links within Science:

Key questions that the children investigate within science are carefully planned to include a range of cross curricular links with core subjects. Children are taught how their mathematical calculation and statistical skills can be used to read, analyse and draw conclusions from their results. There are also regular opportunities for children to improve their literacy skills through reading, writing and spelling key vocabulary. PE, in particular, has many cross-curricular links with Science through the human body and healthy eating topics. 

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